What is vinegar mother?

First phase of making natural vinegar is alcoholic fermantation.When alcohol ratio increase
to 10-13% a thin membrane will appear on the surface of the liquid.This membrane called vinegar
mother includes acetic acid bacteries.This membrane turns ethil alcohol into acetic acid.By using this
method you can get vinegar slowly.It will take some time but the quality of the vinegar will be very
high.Alcohol always in touch with this membrane.This process will be conclude in 6 or 8 weeks.The
acedic acid we get will be more heavy than alcohol so it will appear in deep of this liquid.We can
uderstand that the process is over if this membrane ‘vinegar mother’ sink to the bottom.So this
membrane is a natural product while making vinegar,it gives vinegar an unique smell and taste.

Vinegar mother might be used as ferment for making fermantation process faster.

According to our experiences your vinegar’s color affects mother of vinegar too.Whenever
we make a new vinegar,we observe this process in cruiosity.:D

We understand that the process of making vinegar over when mother of vinegar sink to
bottom.You can use this vinegar mother as your new vinegar’s fermant.If you wan to keep it to use

Put it in a jar made of glass, put vinegar on it,close the jar’s top sand keeep it in a
cold and dark place.

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